January 2006 New Resuscitation Guidelines
The latest UK resuscitation guidelines have been published and are now being delivered on all our first aid training courses.
March 2006 - Changes to First Aid at Work courses
Changes are expected to be complete within 21 months from January 2006, but there will be a minimum of 12 months warning to introduce these.

Current proposals:

- New Emergency First Aid course (EFA) would be 6 hrs duration

- New First Aid at Work (FAW) would be 18 hrs duration.

- In each case there would be a 3hr re-qualification course (BLS 1) after 1 year

- There would be a further 3hr re-qualification course (BLS 2) after the second year

- For the EFA course there would be a 6 hr re-qualification course in the 3rd year

- For the FAW course there would be a 12 hr re-qualification course in the 3rd year.

- Certificates would be valid for 1year.