First Aid Kits
M001 Alpha Small Workplace First Aid Kit - up to 25 employees £21.00
M002 Alpha Medium Workplace First Aid Kit - 25 - 50 employees £27.50
M003 Alpha Large Workplace First Aid Kit - 50 plus employees £34.50
M004 1 Person Bum Bag First Aid Kit £6.50
 Recommended Publications
M005 Accident Book £4.85
M006 First Aid Made Easy £6.99
M007 Emergency First Aid Made Easy £5.99
M008 Paediatric First Aid £5.99
 Wound Cleaning
M009 Alcohol Free Cleaning Wipes Pkt 10 £0.70
M010 Alcohol Free Cleaning Wipes Pkt 100 £5.00
M011 Low Allergy Waterproof Pkt 100 £3.50
M012 Standard Fabric Pkt 100 £4.75
M013 Detectable Blue Pkt 100 £3.50
M014 Dressing pad on an adhesive surround [8.3 x 6cm] Single £0.50
M015 Dressing pad on an adhesive surround [10 x 8cm] Single £0.70
M016 Microporous tape - 1.25cm x 10m Single £0.55
 Non Adhesive Dressings
M017 Dressing 5cm x 5cm - Non Adhesive Pkt 10 £0.75
M018 Dressing 10cm x 10cm - Non Adhesive Pkt 10 £1.75
M019 Burnside Dressing - Instant Relief for Minor Burns Single £0.60
M020 Burnside Dressing - Face Single £12.50
M021 HSE - Medium (12 x 12cm) Single £0.55
M022 HSE - Large (18 x 18cm) Single £1.00
M023 Eye Pad Single £0.40
M024 Finger Dressing Single £0.45
 Nitrile Gloves
M025 Small, Medium, Large or Ex Large Gloves Box 100 £6.50
M026 Small Pack - S, M, L, ExL 10 pairs £1.50
 Triangular Bandages
M027 Safety Pins Pkt 6 £0.35
M028 Woven non sterile Single £1.00
 Resusci Shields
M029 Face Shield Filter Paper variety Single £0.50
M030 Face Shield One way value variety Single £1.00
M031 Personal Protection Kit
(face shield, gloves, key ring)
Single £3.00
M032 CPR Pocket Mask Single £5.85
 Eye Wash
M033 500 ml Single £3.00
M034 Phials [20 ml] Pkt 25 £10.00
 Hygiene Maintenance
M035 Spillage Clear Up Kit £4.50
M036 Hand Sanitizer 50 ml £2.00
M037 Tuff Cut Scissors Each £1.25
M038 Foil Disposable Heat Retaining Blanket £1.50
M039 Instant Ice Cold Pack Single £1.25

Medicot provide a wide range of medical supplies, to cover all basic eventualities.

Please take a look through the left-hand listing for what you require and either email your list or phone us on 01329 282 200 to place your order.

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Recommended Publications
Wound Cleaning
Non Adhesive Dressings
Nitrile Gloves
Triangular Bandages
Resusci Shields
Eye Wash
Hygiene Maintenance

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