First Aid Need Assessment

Health and Safety Statistics
Great Britain 2017/2018

  • 1.4 million working people suffering from work related illness
  • 144 workers killed at work
  • 555,000 injuries occurred at work according to lavour force survey
  • 71,062 injuries reported under RIDDOR
  • 30.7 million Working days lost due to work-related illness/injury
  • 600,000 workers diagnosed with workplace stress, depression or anxiety

A Simple first aid needs assessment will help you decide how many first aiders are needed for your business. Guidance on this can be found at: aid/needs-assessment.htm

HSE statistics demonstrate the large volume of injuries that can occur in the workplace.  Ensuring you have trained first aiders in your business has a number of benefits.

  • Emergencies can be dealt with swiftly, efficiently and effectively
  • Make your workplace a safer environment by reducing injury and absenteeism
  • Identify a pattern in problems allowing you to implement appropriate strategies
  • Improve moral and teamwork
  • First aid skills are life skills and your first aiders will be able to help themselves, their friends families and members of the community